2013 Reserve Harvest Released

December 2, 2013 | Permalink

Our 2013 Reserve Tomato harvest is now available, for a limited time only while supplies last. Have you had a chance to try the Reserve harvest yet?


The Secret to Muir Glen Reserve Tomatoes

Grown on only 13 acres under the bright California sun of the San Joaquin Valley, our Reserve harvest represents the pinnacle of our tomato season every summer. And with our 2013 Reserve Tomato variety, Halley, we’re paying homage to our roots – it was one of the first varieties we planted. Known for its sweetness and color, Halley is one of the reasons we take pride in continuing to deliver a premium organic tomato you can savor all year long.

Our Process

Our reserve tomatoes take roughly five months to mature and fully ripen under the bright California sun of the San Joaquin Valley, the heart of our country's prime tomato growing region. Late in the summer, we harvest our reserve tomatoes, taking them from our fields to the can within hours and locking in the best prossible floavr. It's that commitment to a qulaity tomato that makes the canned tomatoes of Muir Glen proudcts you can count on to shine in your recipes. You'll notices the sweep, ripe flavors of the HAlley in your home kitchen as you share delicious recipes with family and friends. 
2013 Reserve Tomatoes will be available at select retailers nationwide. 

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