USDA Organic Standards

January 1, 2012 | Permalink

On October 21, 2002, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) put into effect the national organic standards ensuring consistency for all organic products marketed in the U.S.

Be sure to watch for products labeled with the USDA Organic seal. Any product displaying the USDA Organic seal is certified to have at least 95 percent organic ingredient content. Products with a lower percentage of organic ingredients cannot use the USDA Organic seal.

Muir Glen products have always been certified organic, and proudly bear the USDA Organic Seal.

Here are just a few of the reasons the national organic standards make shopping and buying great organic food easier:

  • The USDA Organic seal makes identifying organic products much simpler — no need to read through the fine print!
  • The USDA Organic seal assures consumers that products are at least 95 percent certified organic.
  • Consumers can be confident that the foods so labeled aren't misleading or mislabeled.
  • The national organic standards provide consumers a clearer understanding of the term "organic," as defined by the USDA.

At Muir Glen, we couldn't be happier about the national organic national standards. When you see the USDA Organic seal on our products, you can be assured that we're a dependable source of delicious, organic food.

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