Smokin' Hot Brisket Chili

Muir Glen Smokin' Hot Brisket Chili Recipe


2 medium onions

4 cloves garlic

2 chipotle peppers

1 14.5-oz can Muir Glen Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies

1 28-oz can Muir Glen Chunky Tomato Sauce

2 cups chicken broth

1 tablespoon chili powder

2 tablespoons brisket rub

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 2-pound brisket, trimmed

2 tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Prep time: 20 minutes  |  Total time: 5 hours 10 minutes

Winning recipe from 2013 Muir Glen Fire Roasted Tomato Soup and Chili Throwdown. Submitted by Pamela Weiner.

Preparation & Directions

  1. Trim any large pieces of fat from brisket and season it well with salt, pepper, and brisket rub. If possible, do this a few hours in  advance so rub can really season the brisket.

  2. In a large heavy skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add brisket and brown for about 5 minutes per side.

  3. Transfer brisket to slow cooker and add minced onions and garlic to pan.

  4. Cook onions for a few minutes in pan until slightly soft, then add tomatoes and chicken broth to pan and use liquid to scrape up any bits stuck to pan. Once hot, transfer tomato mixture to slow cooker with brisket.

  5. Chop chipotle peppers and add them to slow cooker along with chili powder and cayenne pepper.

  6. Cover slow cooker and cook the brisket on low for 3-4 hours or on high for 2 hours.

  7. Remove brisket and let cool until you can handle it, then chop it into 1/4 inch cubes. Add chopped brisket back to slow cooker.

  8. Continue to cook for another 30 minutes so flavors can combine. Keep warm until you serve it.