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Hands holding roma tomatoes

Always Organic

Muir Glen was founded on the belief that there must be a way to grow a better tasting tomato—it must be grown organically. That’s why we grow our organic tomatoes in the rich organic soil of California’s Sacramento Valley. It takes a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it.

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Protecting Pollinators

We believe in protecting the unsung heroes of agriculture—pollinators. With the help of native pollinators, tomato plants grow more and bigger fruit. By supporting our local pollinators we’re keeping the Sacramento Valley ecosystem healthy for all living things.

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Supporting Firefighters

Our beloved home state of California has experienced mass destruction due to wildfires. In the middle of it all, are the brave firefighters who have tirelessly fought to extinguish the flames. Our crops and our land owe them a lot. At Muir Glen, we’re committed to supporting these firefighters and their families.

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Our Recipes

Everyone's favorite dishes, made with love and tomatoes.