Muir Glen produces a variety of organic food products ranging from canned and jarred organic tomatoes to pasta and pizza sauces, salsas, and ketchup.


Q: Where are Muir Glen tomatoes grown and products produced?

From vine to can, all Muir Glen tomato production takes place in California, USA.


Q: Are Muir Glen tomatoes grown organically?

Yes, Muir Glen is committed to helping farmers grow tomatoes organically. All Muir Glen tomatoes are field grown and vine ripened under certified organic practices—without the use of synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers, thereby qualifying for the USDA Organic seal. All Muir Glen ingredients are grown by farmers who use methods that strive for a balance with nature and a commitment to sustainability.


Q: Are your cans and jars BPA-free? And if so, what do you use instead?

Yes, all Muir Glen cans and jars are non-BPA because they are packaged using a can lining that is made without BPA. We use food-grade or food-safe vinyl liners in our cans. If you prefer, we also offer tomatoes in glass jars.


Q: Are Muir Glen tomatoes Non-GMO?

Yes, Muir Glen, and all USDA Certified Organic brands are non-GMO, meaning our tomatoes grown without seeds that have been genetically modified. Currently, there are no commercial genetically modified tomatoes on the market, but even if there were, we only use organic non-GMO tomatoes and always will.

Q: Are all Muir Glen products Non-GMO?

Yes, Muir Glen, and all USDA Certified Organic brands are non-GMO, meaning our tomatoes and all other ingredients have been grown without seeds that have been genetically modified. We’re deeply committed to organic foods, and always will be.

Q: Are Muir Glen products certified Non-GMO by The Non-GMO Project?

Yes, taking part in the Non-GMO Project is one way Muir Glen can help people identify products made without GMOs, if that’s what they choose. It gives them the additional assurance that Non-GMO Project verified products are produced without the use of GMO ingredients.

Calcium Chloride

Q: What is Calcium Chloride and is it used in the Muir Glen canning process?

Yes, calcium chloride is a naturally occurring mineral. Calcium is the beneficial mineral found in dairy products; and chloride is a component of sea salt, also known as sodium chloride. According to Cargill, a leading manufacturer of liquid calcium chloride, their product starts as a weakened brine which occurs naturally in certain geological areas such as the high desert of Southern California. To process the calcium chloride, the brine is brought up through wells, and concentrated by the sun to evaporate the water within the brine. This concentrating process also removes naturally occurring impurities such as sodium, potassium and magnesium. The result is pure liquid calcium chloride. The resulting filtered product contains no additives, meets all ‘ regulatory standards and is certified kosher.

Q: Is the use of Calcium Chloride new to Muir Glen products?

No. Muir Glen has been using calcium chloride for over a decade in very small quantities (about half of what conventional tomato processors use) in products where whole and diced forms are required. Other products such as sauce, puree, crushed and ground tomatoes, do not require use of this ingredient.
Note: The addition of calcium chloride does not affect the nutritional content of the tomato product, nor does it increase its sodium level.


Q: Who owns Muir Glen?

Muir Glen products have been owned and distributed by General Mills since 2001. Currently, Muir Glen is located at 1 General Mills Blvd Minneapolis, MN 55426, though we encourage you to continue writing your comments, questions, and feedback via our consumer relations page at this link.

Q: I'm seeing "Distributed by General Mills" on Muir Glen labels and I have not noticed this before. Is this new?

In fact, General Mills acquired Small Planet Foods, including Muir Glen, back in 2001, where it functioned as a separate operating unit within General Mills. In 2015, Muir Glen was integrated into the operating units with the rest of the General Mills brands, and so distribution of Muir Glen tomatoes has now transitioned from Small Planet Foods to General Mills. In efforts to remain entirely transparent on our food labels, this transition will be noted on Muir Glen labels beginning in October 2016.