Baby tomato plants in a nursery.

Our Principles

Close-up shot of 2 hands holding three organic Roma tomatoes.

Always Organic

Muir Glen’s products are always certified organic because we believe that organic farming benefits consumers, farmers, and ecosystems. Muir Glen has a long history of supporting organic agriculture, and this commitment remains steadfast. Our sustainable ingredient sourcing strategy seeks not only to reduce harm, but to create positive impact by regenerating natural resources and farming communities.

A close-up shot of a honey bee sitting on a daisy.

Protecting Pollinators

The unsung heroes of agriculture, the tiny but mighty bees work hard for our food.  Because we want them to keep on buzzing for generations to come, we’ve partnered with the Xerces Society to help farmers plant pollinator habitats on the California farms that grow our tomatoes.


A man working on the back of a semi truck trailer on a dusty farm.

Farmers as Partners

As we learn more about the farmers and communities that make our products possible, we’re working to find ways to support them all on a deeper level. We seek to understand their challenges and opportunities by cultivating real relationships with these champions who are committed to regenerating natural resources to ensure long-term prosperity.

Three cans of Muir Glen Organic Tomato Puree surrounded by fresh tomatoes and herbs. The can labels read, "We Support Our Firefighters".

Supporting Firefighters

Our beloved homestate, California, has experienced mass destruction due to wildfires. In the middle of it all, are the brave firefighters who have tirelessly fought to extinguish the flames. In 2021, Muir Glen donated $50,000 to help support the California Fire Foundation, benefiting firefighters and their families. Our crops and our land owe them a lot.