Baby tomato plants in a nursery

Our Principles

Hands holding roma tomatoes


Muir Glen was founded on the belief that there must be a way to grow a better tasting tomato—it must be grown organically. That’s why we grow our organic tomatoes in the rich organic soil of California’s Sacramento Valley. It takes a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it.

A honey bee sitting on a daisy


We believe in protecting the unsung heroes of agriculture–pollinators. With the help of native pollinators, tomato plants grow more and bigger fruit. By supporting our local pollinators we’re keeping the Sacramento Valley ecosystem healthy for all living things.

A man loading a truck

Zero Waste

Caring for the earth while growing great tomatoes is just part of what we do everyday. While not every tomato is good enough to make it into the can, that doesn’t mean they go to waste.

That’s why we helped build a state of the art composting facility where the cannery and local farmers could put their tomato waste (seeds, skins and bad tomatoes) along with almond shells, rice hulls and bedding from the University of California Davis horse farm. There we create rich, organically certified compost for farmers to give their soil the nutrients and moisture it needs to grow the great tomatoes.

Giving back to the soil that our plants come from isn’t just something we believe in – it’s something that makes our tomatoes taste better and the planet a happier place. Tomatoes from tomatoes; nothing wasted, everything gained.